425 Kuya Mark’s Christmas Themed Mask with Children’s Joy Foundation

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Kuya Mark, our sponsor used to have a Christmas tradition of reaching out to children in need. We are thankful he had the opportunity again to re-start this awesome way of blessing others. Together with his close friends and some of our volunteers, we got to organize a festive and happy celebration with orphans of Children’s Joy Foundation. It was our third visit this 2014.

We got to jump start the beautiful morning’s event by organzing volunteers and kids for getting to know. Kuya Harvard emphasized the value of knowing your teammates- beyond their names. We asked each one to share as well their favorite Christmas songs and wish this coming season. U! Happy Events values taking the time to interact with one another. It is the foundation of outreach.

We gad two Christmas themed games set before our Art Workshop. The first one was Paint a Christmas, it is a variation from Paint a Picture. The main difference, it was all about timeline (Simbang Gabi, shopping, parties, Noche Buena, etc.) of the upcoming season. We challenge the teams to be creative, fast and show appropriate facial expressions. Everyone went beyond expectations as they got to bring in props too to describe scenes better.

We played the second game, Fax Machine for the first time. Here, the groups are lined up to draw at each other’s back until the last one draws on paper what the very first described. We enjoyed this a lot. Check out the pictures.

Art followed with Ate Blanca showing everyone how to make Christmas themed mask. It is always interesting to see ordinary materials transform to useful and happy masterpieces. We took the time to pose after. It served as a testimony of each one’s hard work.

After lunch, gift giving and group photos, the children surprised us with three performances. It was such a delight to witness their talents.

The morning was so filled with memories. Please do join us on our next events if you have the time. Merry Christmas! 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events