423 Ate Khelly’s Reindeer Picture Frame with Virlanie Foundation

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Written by Core Team Leader, Marianne Natu-el

A well-spent birthday and Saturday afternoon it was for Ate Khelly and her friends last December 20 with 45 kids from Virlanie foundation, a foster home for street children.

Eager to know the children, the volunteers gather round in groups in a short but sweet exchange of “small talks” with the little ones. A game called Shape It Up energized everyone as the groups were tested of how well they know various shapes and how fast they can execute it as a group, using plastic straw ropes.

From the adrenaline rush of the game, everyone settled to a quieter and more intimate activity – an art workshop with Kuya Robby, who taught everyone how to make a reindeer picture frame using ice cream sticks, colored papers and oil pastels. It was a delight to see the bonding moments between the kids and the kids-at-heart.

The children were then treated with snacks prepared by Ate Khelly’s group. With two surprised birthday cakes from her friends, everyone burst into a “Happy Birthday” song for the celebrant.

Finally, it was gift-giving time. As excited as the expectant children were in receiving their gifts, the volunteers were equally enthusiastic with giving.

The children went home with their gifts, their DIY- picture frames, a smile painted on their innocent faces, and happy memories. Meanwhile, the volunteers went home with happy and fulfilled hearts 
It was a brief two-hour encounter with the children, but such acts of kindness and generosity are forever printed among young minds. Thank you Ate Khelly and friends for choosing to celebrate your birthday with U!Happy events and the Virlanie Kids. For more heart-warming events you can organize yourself, check out Create Your Own Event.

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