419 Ate Ann’s Origami Snowman Ornament with Kuya Center

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

Dec 18, 2014 may have been another ordinary day for a student going to school, a vendor selling in the market, or the driver of a passenger bus. But not for us. Because on this same day, a blessing sits waiting to happen. Not just any other one, but a day that will be kept inside young hearts.

Instead of holding the usual party, Ate Ann Nero decided to celebrate her 32nd Birthday at Kuya Center for Street Children (KCSC), a foundation that rehabilitates and reconnects street children with their families. No golden priced cuisines, beer cups or hip and funk musics. Fun activities for Ates, Kuyas and kids, goodies for sweet tooth’s, bags full of love and warm hearts willing to pour out happiness. Let the real party begin!

For our icebreaker, the kids were grouped into 5 together with their partner Ates and Kuyas. Each group formed a circle seat and started getting to know each other. By that, the foundation of the team, and that of the others will be established. This, the other set of activities will be easier to run through with.

After the first activity, it’s show time! Balloon twisting/tricks for the kids and for the Ates and Kuyas na feeling kids!

Tadaaannnn… for our main course! Kuya Robby, with his artistic skills, thought the kids how to make an Origami Snowman Ornament. Papers, scissors and cutting skills all mixed up and viola! Our hand made christmas decors.

After the fun activities, food arrived. Kids and volunteers ate together while having chit chats and laugh times.

For the cherry on top? The kids thanked Ate Ann and the rest of the Ates and Kuyas with their biggest sweetest hugs. A chorus of “Happy Birthday” song was sang by the kids with their angelic voices.

And as promised, cupcakes were distributed for dessert. To finish of, school supplies and balloons were given away to the kids.

It was indeed, another day of the year. Another chance to change lives. Another hope of new beginnings. Another December 18 filled with infinite love and happiness.

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