415 Ate Aimee and Ate Aileen’s Pop-Up Christmas Cards with Right Start

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Written by Core Team Leader, Mikel Jacinto

U! Happy Events had the privilege of getting to celebrate the birthdays of two lovely ladies, Ate Aimee and Ate Aileen. The day was spent with one of our partner beneficiaries, Right Start. It is a community- based organisation that seeks to provide underprivileged Filipino children with opportunities to tap and attain their full creative potential. On that bright and sunny Saturday morning, around 60 kids and 30 volunteers spent a few wonderful hours together.

The festivities began with the kids lining up for face paint, which helped set the mood for a fun and creative party. The girls got designs like rainbows and butterflies, whereas the boy had tigers and little balls of flame. After all the kids finished getting their faces painted, they were separated into 10 different groups. They then had the traditional ice breaker activity wherein each person introduces themselves and shares some of their favourite things, just so everyone could get to know each other a little bit better.

After this was done, they were treated to their first activity of the day. It was a balloon twisting workshop, conducted by Kuya Roberto (lovingly dubbed Magic Boom during the day of the event). All the participants were given their own balloon to twist. They were taught two different things. First was how to twist their balloon into a sword, which many of them were able to get right on the first try. The other object was a flower, which turned out to be a bit trickier than expected. There were a few times when the balloons popped. But in the end everyone seemed satisfied with how their balloons turned out.

For the next activity, each group was given a variety of art materials such as different colors of cartolina, japanese paper and crepe paper. They were then told to choose 4 different members. The objective of the game was to create a “Christmas Ornament” costume out of the given materials for each of the representatives. All the groups really threw themselves into activity, and each of them really put their creativity on display with their unique creations. It was a great way to really get the group to interact with each other, and you could see how competitive everyone was trying to make the best costume.

When this was finished and all the resulting mess was cleaned up, it was time for another workshop for the kids care of one of our artists Robby Singh. Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Season’s Greetings’, Kuya Robby taught the kids how to make their own pop-up Christmas cards. It was a great way to engage their creativity, and you could see that some of them were really trying to create works of art. Even some of the volunteers tried their hand at making pop-up cards. In the end, everyone was able to make something to take home with them.

With everyone happy for with their Christmas cards, it was time for the real party to begin — meaning it was time to eat! Thanks to our birthday celebrants, everyone was treated to a delicious lunch of BonChon and Potato Corner, which was really one of the true highlight of the day. Nothing bonds people together faster than a shared appreciation for good food.

Our utmost thanks go out to everyone who took the time to spend their Saturday morning with us! We truly enjoyed celebrating Ate Aimee and Ate Aileen’s birthdays together with the kids of Right Start. At the end of the day, everyone left with happy hearts and satisfied tummies, which is one of the best things you can ask for during the Christmas season.

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