411 Caltex’s Christmas Hat with Kamuning Elementary School

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

Caltex Philippines made a significant mark to students of Kamuning Elementary School when they sponsored a fun-filled Christmas party last December 11, 2014. The event was a mixture of fun and creativity for 76 deserving students, which were handpicked by the principal for their excellent performance in school.

The event was started with a formation of different groups (a combination of volunteers and students). Members were then asked to introduce themselves to the group by sharing their name, their favorite Christmas song, and their favorite food. But the activity has one condition – members must not repeat answers given by their group mates. Members that did not follow were given a fun consequence. Objectives of this activity were to make them feel comfortable with each other and to let them listen very well when one of their group mates is talking.

Group games then followed. “Palakasan ng Sigaw” was the first game. This simple game made teams competitive and very eager to win as each team made sure that their voices were the loudest. The next game was “Bring Me Christmas” (with U! Happy Events’ twist). Groups were given crepe papers and scissors to work on. The instruction was to cut out shapes of Christmas items (gift, snowman, puto bumbong, litson, ham to name a few) being asked by kuya Harvard and each group must produce cut-outs that are different in forms and sizes. Speed and creativity were required in this game. Prizes courtesy of Jollibee were given to winners of each round.

Right after those games, teams proceeded to the Christmas hat workshop, which was taught by Ate Blanca. Some teams were assigned with Christmas tree hat while others were assigned with Santa’s version. Students and volunteers participated creatively in this activity. This workshop honed students’ artistry and craftsmanship.

Entertainment then followed. Jollibee and Hetty entertained the crowd with their jolly dance numbers. Group pictures, Jollibee meals, and ice cream desserts came in next. To end the event, gift giving spearheaded by Caltex Philippines came with a bang. Kids brought home with them brand new bags, school supplies, toys, and Noche Buena packages. This fun-filled Christmas party gave motivation to these “deserving students” to excel even more in their studies. Truly, being excellent comes with great rewards.

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