406 Kuya Michael’s Christmas Stockings with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Written by Core Team Member, Ren dela Cruz

Our 3rd event for December 6 was with 25 kids of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation in Pasig City. Sponsored by birthday celebrant Kuya Michael through our Create Your Own Event page, we also had an art workshop led by our one of our artist, Kuya Robby Singh.

To start of the event we had our customary Getting To Know with the kids and volunteers, wherein we asked them to share their favorite Christmas food in the group. Next up were games that brought out everyone’s creativity: Bring Me Christmas, where instead of items, players had to bring cut-out shapes, and Christmas Ornament—a favorite among many, where teams had to dress up the kids with the art materials given to them in the theme of our favorite season, Christmas.

Next up was the art workshop, where Kuya Robby taught the kids how to make Christmas stockings and decorate them, with the help of their Ates and Kuyas. The kids were delighted as after the stocking making, kuya Michael’s friends distributed neatly wrapped up gifts, snacks and sweets they could put in their finished creations! We also had an ice cream cart, much to the children’s delight.

Snacks were also served, and after finishing up with eating we greeted Kuya Michael and two kids who were celebrating their day as well, a happy birthday. It was indeed a happy time and to cap off the event, Kuya Michael and his family and friends hugged the children goodbye.

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U! Happy Events