403 Kuya Oliver’s Fan Pizza with Gentle Hands

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was a fine Sunday morning to reach out and interact with orphaned children of Gentle Hands. It was our fifth event there this year. Kuya Oliver stepped up and sponsored this event for his birthday.

After familiarizing with each one through a set of questions, we jumpstarted the event with an entertaining magic show from Kuya Koby. He is one of our frequent magicians in our roster. There were things coming out of nowhere, objects flying and mysteries abound. Everyone got intrigued and amazed.

Kuya Oliver, being a food-lover himself agreed to have food as the event’s theme. So we got two food related games.

The first was Cheese Ring Relay. Here, teams are lined up to pass a cheese ring using straws placed in their mouth. The second game was Blind Egg Toss. Hard boiled eggs flew across the venue. The kids were blind folded and were instructed by their partner volunteers on the timing and strength of their throw. 7 pairs won after 6 rounds of play.

Following the exciting games was another interesting Art Workshop. We got Kuya Robby to teach how to make a Fan Pizza. Everyone got busy designing their own pizzas using colored construction papers placed in golden plates. They also placed red acrylic paint to represent tomato sauce. Their Pizza Creations can also be used as fans.

Considered as the main event to some, real food was served next. It was Kuya Oliver’s request- Chicken Joy from Jollibee. Everyone got their well deserved treat after a series of fun activities.

Last stop was gifts. We gave everyone school supplies and additional story books to those who won in the games.
Thank you so much Kuya Oliver for a Sunday blessing! Birthdays are truly more meaningful when celebrated with others. We look forward to doing another event with you and your friends.

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