398 SMDC’s Christmas Lanterns with Project Pearls

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Written by Board Member, Xerxes Delgado

The Project Development Department of SMDC spent one day away from financial runs, sales monitoring and spent valuable time with kids of Project Pearls. Their department is responsible in making sure that high-rise condominium projects of SMDC are sustained well. Away from the comforts of their office and homes, the group which was composed of their executives and staff spent the morning with the kids in Brgy. 105 covered court in Tondo, Manila.

They played several games with the kids which challenged them physically. It also showed so much of their competitiveness. First was the Cheese Ring Relay. Here, everyone’s patience was tested as they were asked to transfer one cheese ring at a time using a straw placed in their mouth. Second game was Beach Ball Relay. Instead of pressing the beach ball against each other, some of the volunteers carried the kids to make their turn faster.

To take a breather from the cardio-like, the group was entertained by the acrobatic performance of Dad’s Acrobats. Each nerve-wrecking and heart-stopping move brought suspense to the hearts of kids and volunteers. It was both thrilling and an amazing show.

In line with the upcoming Christmas season, Kuya Robbie taught everyone how to make Christmas lanterns. The kids took this time to show their through the different designs and colors in their lanterns. The Kuyas and Ates also made sure to help them, especially in using the scissors and assembling the lanterns.

After all the activities, everyone was rewarded with a hearty lunch and a special appearance of Jollibee. Before the kids bid their good-byes, they received an early Christmas gift of school supplies and groceries from the SMDC Group. They thanked their Ates and Kuyas with a tight hug before they left the venue.

The Project Development Group went home tired, but with huge smiles on their faces. They were able to reach out and make new friends from the kids of Project Pearls. See you guys again soon.

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