393 Ate Malou’s Picture Frame Making with National Center for Mental Health

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

The second installment of the Art weekend was sponsored by our current Vice President for External, Ate Malou Galian. She started this tradition of her birthday celebrations with us since 2008! It’s a journey we value in U! Happy Events. Celebrating our day with kids is truly a fulfilling alternative.

It was our second trip to National Center for Mental Health. On our first we learned so much more about the profile of the children. Not all are mentally ill. The profile we reached out are either physical, emotionally or sexually abused children. 26 joined us last Sunday.

After going through our customary getting to know questions, we proceeded to play two Ate Malou inspired games. First was Bato Bato Pick. Here one goes around to meet others, play bato, bato, pick and collect stickers from the other if they win. Most people know Ate Malou as extrovert, outgoing and bubbly. She meets a lot of people. A number of them she has inspired to serve with U! Happy Events.

Second game is called Travelling Malou. Participants sat down, a ball goes around while the music is played. Whoever had the ball when the music stopped had to either act or dance. It represented Ate Malou’s passion to travel She recently came from a European tour.

Next were two of our artist that day. We got Kuya Jay from Adarna to share the story of Hugo. Kuya Robby followed with our main activity. It was similar to yesterday’s event with Virlanie Foundation. We had volunteers and kids partner together for picture frame making.

Excited and childlike Ate Malou took stage and distributed the gifts she personally bought while we wait for food to arrive. She got an assortment of school supplies, toys and goodies. Although we volunteered to buy for her, she prefers having the time to buy it all on her own. It’s part of the overall happiness of serving, she claims.

We look forward for more years of having these awesome parties with you, Ate Malou! Happy birthday! 🙂

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