379 Ate Chelsea’s Coffee Stain Painting with Metro World Child

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Chelsea is actually our youngest birthday celebrant ever. Her parents, Kuya Gilbert and Ate Carla Good opted to do an outreach to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. Like we mentioned in a previous post, there has been an increasing number of mothers in particular creating events with us for their kids. That is awesome.

Our planning for this event happened earlier than most of our events. Ate Carla actually met us online through Instagram. We’re so glad we’re more active in social media than ever. Go ahead and add us at Facebook and Instagram. Click the buttons on the right. :)

The afternoon at The Grove Rockwell started with a Christian child dedication for Chelsea. It was headed by Pastor Charles Caballero from Victory Malate Church. In this short ceremony, pastor shares the value of dedicating and guiding our children to God. The ninongs and ninangs also took part in prayer of blessing, protection and love.

It was a packed afternoon of activities. We had getting to know questions, Face Paint by Kuya Eric, Banderitas Challenge group game, Story Telling by Ate Dyaly from Adarna Publishing, Mother and Child Art Workshop by Kuya Robby, gift giving and a feast of bento box food, “dirty” ice cream and Filipino inspired taho.

The last two parts of the afternoon were a festive Happy Birthday song and a group shot to seal the awesome memories! The kids were all smiles. The volunteers were blessed. Thank you to the Good family. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events