377 Kuya Robby’s Pompom Pets with Gentle Hands

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Written by Core Team Member, Ren dela Cruz

U! Happy Events’ resident artist, Kuya Robby Singh, chose to celebrate his 32nd birthday through sponsoring a fun, art-filled event with 35 kids from Gentle Hands in Cubao. Also present in the event were Kuya Robby’s friends and family, who were very hands-on and excited for the afternoon’s activities.

After grouping the kids and volunteers, a bubble show commenced where the kids and volunteers oohed and ahhed at the large, weird shaped bubbles floating about. Two sets of kids and volunteers also got to go inside a huge bubble! We then played a game called Regalo o Bayong, U! Happy’s take on a popular game on TV. It was both fun and educational, and the winner of the elimination round got to choose whether to take the surprise regalo, or the bayong (donation). Our kid winner chose regalo, which was a set of Tagalog storybooks for the Foundation.

After Regalo o Bayong, we then went into art-mode with the Banderitas Challenge, where each team were asked to build banderitas with as many triangles as they can. The colorful banderitas built were then hung at the venue giving the event a more festive feel. After the challenge was the actual arts workshop led by Kuya Robby himself, where he taught the kids how to make “Pompom Pets”. It was a very exciting time for everyone as the Pompom Pets was something very new to all of us, and everyone was enthusiastic to finish the project and display it. After creating the very cute and creative artwork, the kids and volunteers were then treated to edible art in the form of a bento box, for meal time.

Once everyone had their tummies filled and got pictures taken, Kuya Robby and his friends gave away gifts to the kids of Gentle Hands. To end the artsy and amazing event, we greeted Kuya Robby and happy birthday and asked him for his birthday wish. The kids and volunteers then hugged and bid each other goodbye, with huge smiles on their faces.

Thank you to kuya Robby, the U! Happy volunteers, and Gentle Hands, for another meaningful event! See you in our future events!

Here is the video of the event:

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events