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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

The kids of Gawad Kalinga Laura had another art workshop sponsored by Esquire Financing Inc. We look forward to conducting 2 more on October 25 and November 29. It was great to know that the kids remembered us and got more familiar with our team.

We got few members of Singles for Christ to jump start the morning with a prayer and a praise dance to God. They mentioned to us that they also conduct regular activities with the children.

Kuya Harvard greeted a big time good morning to a full crowd of 57 volunteers and 70 kids. It was our biggest attendance yet. He then proceeded with getting to know questions. Members of each group shared their names, favorite color and favorite food. The goal of this activity is to break the ice and get everyone more comfortable with each another.

A warm up game of happy family was done next. The instructions were simple. Each volunteer and kid had to create their own version of the entire family. This included extended members and even pets. Kuya Robby, our artist picked a group that cited not just a complete and happy family but also the one that showed God as their center.

That day’s art was pop up card. Kuya Robby showed how to make a 3D card that speaks words of love to the kids’ parents. Although the talking bird was the main design, we encouraged the kids to come up with more personalized messages to their dad and mom.

Some employees from Standard Chartered also joined in the festivities. See you on the next ones! 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events