350 Ate Pam’s Superhero Collage with Shepherd of the Hills

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Pam Banlaoi is a good friend of Kuya Harvard. One time while they were having dinner, and discussions went to outreach events, she wrote a check to U! Happy Events so she could have her own event for kids. Ate Pam is one art enthusiast. She has a wide collection of paintings, sculptures and memorabilia from different local and international artists. It was innate to her to suggest an art workshop as the activity.

It was our third visit to Shepherd of the Hills this 2014. We had singing and storytelling workshops for the last two. This orphanage and community based organization has been in existence for 36 years. We have been fortunate to partner with them since 2009.

The afternoon was a bit humid. The kids didn’t mind. They remained active and interested the whole time. On the other hand, mostly young volunteers, students from different schools joined us for this one. We were happily packed in a small orphanage home.

The theme Superhero Collage was led by Ate Lynette Torres. She patiently explained and illustrated step by step on how to make their own. The kids got to choose their own shapes, colors and sizes of a portrait. After 40 minutes, with the help of their Kuyas and Ates, everyone took the time to take photos of their personalized masterpiece. Check out at the photos to see what we mean! :)

The afternoon ended with a nice meal from Oh! Bento. They personalize meals bento style. For this event, they themed it with How To Train Your Dragon. You can contact Kat at +09478999556. We also provided the kids with art kits so they can duplicate the workshop at home.

Thank you once again Ate Pam for taking the time and blessing the kids with your treasures on your birthday. We look forward to celebrating with you in the years to come.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events