329 Ate Cheena’s Hero Masks Workshop with Mano Amiga

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Cheena Ng Lio has a tradition going on her birthday. She makes it a point to reach out and celebrate with kids. We’re blessed to have her partner with us for her 30th! As she planned this event earlier than usual, it spoke a lot about her heart.

It was our second trip to one of our newest partner, Mano Amiga. The children here are younger, high spirited and happy! Their energy is contagious. The volunteers just had the catch up… and they did!

The afternoon was hot but it was full of life. We started with a magic show from Kuya Danny. The kids were so participative and involved in the show. You can hear the fascination miles away. This just got them more excited! Next was arts time. We invited Ate Leslie, a preschool teacher and art enthusiast to share how to make interesting things out of ordinary materials. A half of a paper plate with the help of colored paper and glue turned into hero masks! The friends of Ate Cheena scrambled to attend to every kid they were grouped with. They had 5 kids in a group.

We utilize the masks for our next activity- Paint A Picture. Kuya Harvard challenged the volunteers to be directors on one amazing scene- Heroes Saving the Philippines. The winning team showed the most creativity as they used available props in the area to show cleaning and helping at the same time. We wanted to remind kids that they can be heroes too.

The day ended with a birthday song, gifts (story books) from Ate Cheena and a whole lots of pictures to remember this very day! :)

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